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Tooth replacement in Odessa

July 12, 2018

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smiling man with towel on shoulderIf you have one or more missing teeth, then you are well aware of the challenges. Eating certain foods may be difficult. Depending on which teeth are missing, you may have trouble pronouncing some words. And your smile just won’t look the same. Fortunately, there are several good options for tooth replacement in Odessa. Read to learn more about these and how your dentist can work with a specialist to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Caring for Dentures in Odessa

October 28, 2016

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For the best looking dentures, follow these tips from Dr. Cobb. You’ve just received new dentures and you couldn’t be happier about the way your smile and face look! Dr. Cobb prefers cosmetic dentures that not only replace missing teeth, but are designed to more accurately fit your jawbone in order to support facial muscles. This helps you avoid avoid the sagging appearance that gradually affects many denture-wearers. To ensure the beauty and longevity of your new smile, Dr. Cobb and his team offer a few tips on how you can best care for your dentures.


Restore Your Complete and Healthy Smile with New Dental Implants in Odessa, TX

February 20, 2015

78161106If you’re suffering from adult tooth loss, you’re not alone. There are millions of Americans suffering from tooth loss today because of tooth decay, periodontal disease, or dental trauma. In the past, the only treatment options available to replace missing teeth were dental bridges or dentures. Today, however, Dr. Cobb can offer more natural looking and durable dental implants to fully replace and restore your teeth. Because of their many aesthetic and functional benefits, dental implants have become an extremely popular restorative choice. To discover how new dental implants could significantly improve your quality of life, schedule a dental implants consultation with Dr. Cobb today.  Dr. Cobb is a highly skilled Odessa restorative dentist delivering quality care to families throughout Odessa, TX and the neighboring communities. (more…)

Replace Your Old Metal Fillings with New Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings in Odessa, TX

December 20, 2014

Do you still have metal dental fillings? If you do, it’s time to consider exchanging them for healthier and more natural looking tooth-colored dental fillings. Tooth-colored, or composite fillings, have all but completely replaced the demand for metal amalgam materials when it comes to filling in the areas of your teeth that have been damaged by decay and infection. The vast majority of dental patients are now choosing to have their old metal fillings removed and replaced with new tooth-colored composite fillings. Dr. Cobb can help you remove and replace your old dental fillings in one quick and easy visit. Dr. Cobb is a trusted Odessa dentist serving families throughout the 79762 area. To get your new tooth-colored dental fillings, make an appointment with Dr. Cobb and his experienced Odessa dental team today. (more…)

Look and Feel Younger with Cosmetic Dentures in Odessa, TX

October 28, 2014

Are you satisfied with the way your dentures look and feel? If you’re not, cosmetic dentures may be your best option. Cosmetic dentures are fully customized to fit your neuromuscular structure and maintain optimum muscle relaxation, comfort, and function. These factors relate directly to the appearance and fit of your dentures. If your denture is designed and fabricated correctly, there is little need for glues, gels, or adhesives to keep them in place. Dr. Steve Cobb offers cosmetic dentures that support your facial muscles, provide a comfortable fit, and improve facial esthetics. (more…)