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Tooth-Colored Fillings Provide Valuable Repairs in Odessa

Woman with short hair showing her pearly whitesIn the past, dentists primarily relied on metal amalgam fillings to treat areas of decay in a patient’s teeth. While effective enough, this option also came with disadvantages that had potential negative effects on both the patient’s self-confidence and overall wellbeing. Today, Dr. Steve W. Cobb provides tooth-colored fillings crafted from high-quality composite resin for a more natural and revitalizing result. Please contact our Odessa, TX practice today if you have any questions for our staff, or if you’d like to schedule a restorative appointment.

Like their name suggests, tooth-colored fillings can be shaded to match the original shade of your smile for a virtually indistinguishable look. Composite resin is also directly bonded to the natural tooth, which provides additional strength and support.  Additionally, tooth-colored fillings don’t react negatively to changes in temperature like amalgam does, making them more comfortable and stable over time. All of these benefits and more are available to patients from Andrews, TX and surrounding areas who are in need of quality restorative attention from a team they can trust.