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Odessa TMJ Therapy Can Rebuild Your Life

Are the following symptoms familiar to you?

If so, you may be suffering from TMJ disorder, a potentially debilitating condition that is caused by dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint and/or associated facial muscles. Dr. Steve W. Cobb can provide needed relief and support with a customized nightguard here in Odessa. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, or if you have any questions for our team. New patients from Midland and surrounding areas are always welcome at our practice.

While TMJ disorder can happen for a number of reasons, the most common is the presence of teeth grinding and clenching (also known as bruxism). This can create significant tooth wear and oral pressure over time, resulting in a damaged bite and aggravated muscles. With a nightguard, patients can protect their teeth from the consequences of teeth grinding and allow their jaw to rest more properly, reducing discomfort. We may also recommend the inclusion of certain exercises, diet, relaxation techniques, and stress counseling into your daily routine.