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Odessa TMJ Therapy Can Rebuild Your Life

Are you or another member of your family dealing with any of the following uncomfortable symptoms?

Constant pain that’s located in the jaw, the ears, the face, the neck or the shoulders

If so, you may be suffering from TMJ disorder, a potentially debilitating condition that is caused by dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint and/or associated facial muscles. Dr. Steve W. Cobb can provide needed relief and support with a customized nightguard here in Odessa. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, or if you have any questions for our team. New patients from Midland and surrounding areas are always welcome at our practice.

What Causes TMJ Disorder?

Dentists and researchers aren’t 100 percent certain about what specifically causes TMJ disorder, but they suspect that the condition probably begins with the muscles of your jaw or the inner workings of the joint itself.

In addition, we find that most people with TMJ disorder grind or clench their teeth, also known as bruxism. This can create significant tooth wear and oral pressure over time, resulting in a damaged bite and aggravated muscles.

Other factors that may contribute to the development of TMJ disorder include:

How is TMJ Disorder Diagnosed?

At an appointment here in our Odessa dental office, Dr. Cobb will evaluate your symptoms and assess the condition of your teeth, jaw joints and muscles. He may also order digital x-rays of your mouth, jaw and temporomandibular joints in order to visualize the inner workings of this complex system. With this information, Dr. Cobb is able to determine the reason for your discomfort and whether or not you have TMJ disorder.

How Is TMJ Disorder Treated?

If you have TMJ disorder, then we’ll take an impression of your teeth that our dental lab will use to create a customized oral appliance called a nightguard. With a nightguard, patients can protect their teeth from the consequences of teeth grinding and allow their jaw to rest more properly, reducing discomfort. Because teeth grinding often occurs during sleep, the habit is hard to break. Therefore a nightguard worn consistently can ease the effects of teeth grinding and provide relief from the pain of TMJ disorder. The result is improved function and an end to painful and annoying symptoms. Dr. Cobb will monitor your progress and help you achieve pain-free TMJ function and lasting comfort. In addition, he may also recommend the inclusion of certain exercises, diet, relaxation techniques, and stress counseling into your daily routine.

To learn more about TMJ disorder, or to schedule an evaluation with Odessa dentist Dr. Cobb, contact our office today.